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Wheel Alignment

Tweed Heads Wheel Alignment

Are you getting the most out of your tyres?

Wheel Alignment should be checked every time you fit new tyres, install suspension components or when the vehicle has hit a hazard in the road such as a pot hole.

The steeing angles that need to be checked and measured are

  • Caster
  • Camber
  • Toe
  • Thrust

Whether it be a front toe adjustment or a full four wheel alignment front and rear, or shim adjustment for camber, we can align your vehicle to manufacturers specification.

We have the latest computerised infrared 4 wheel camera aligner.corghi_exact700

We offer expert advice from our resident specialist John Sharpe, who specialises in fixing steering angles that other garages cannot.

To book your wheel alignment, call us onĀ 0755 363 244


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